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Specializing in animal sex abuse cases

A law enforcement assistance agency




Chandler Edwards is a research, training, and intelligence-gathering organization specializing in animal sex abuse and exploitation issues. It's the only organization of its kind in the world.

Our mission is to provide effective resources to the enforcement, legal, medical, mental health, and social service communities, and raise the level of awareness of this social justice issue.

The best kept criminal secret ...

Bestiality has been happening for thousands of years, yet we know very little about it.  What we do know is:

Bestiality is specifically illegal in 39 US states and most foreign countries

Arrests for bestiality in the U.S. have risen by 600% in the past 7 years

It's considered animal cruelty in every US state when the animal is injured

It's often linked to other criminal behavior, including child pornography, drug possession, and theft

Nearly 40% of animal sex abuse-related cases also involve child sexual assault, abuse, or exploitation

People who are sexually attracted to animals generally start by age 13, and do not stop until they are no longer sexually competent.  


Repeat Offender may avoid jail.  Former Army officer Philip Dutfield, 61 has spent the past 8 years practicing his obsession. In 2004 he spent six months in jail for possession of extreme bestiality and child pornography. In 2010 he violated parole by having a computer digital camera, USB drive, and two mobile phones that, once again, contained images of extreme bestiality and child pornography. He was sentenced to 16 more months in jail. But he may not have to go. Read this article to find out why.